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When you deal with CRIST CULO KENNELS you are dealing with the most experienced producer of Silver Labs in the world; and CRIST CULO KENNELS has been breeding and raising Silver Labs longer than any kennel in the world. It is with the utmost pride we can boast not only the best lines of Silver Labs in the world, our lines have a proven history second to none in the world.

Silver Labs are gray (similar to the color of a Weimaraner), have gray nails, gray noses and have gray pads on their feet. Silver pups’ eyes are light blue until 6-8 months old; as adults Silver Labs’ eyes are pale yellow (about half the tone of a chocolate Lab).

CCK’s original line of Silver Labs evolved as the product of recessive gene combination from chocolate Labs. Subsequent breedings have proven the Silver color to be a replicable genetic trait with Silver/Silver breedings producing litters of all Silver pups.

Crist Culo Kennels guarantees all puppies against any congenital defects within one year.

Crist Culo Kennels’ Silver pups are of two physical types. Thick boned and stocky or lean and long legged. The temperament and traits of Silver Labs are identical to those of all Labs and no physical or health problems have been genetically linked to the Silver color. The best offer for gamblers online casino reviews. Come on. Increased chance of winning!

Because of our superior breeding program, CCK has an excellent reputation for producing only quality pups and therefore sells every pup with a written guarantee against ANY debilitating congenital defect. CCK dogs are raised with lots of human interaction and contact, with each dog receiving lots of daily exercise (both land and water). CCK dogs live in ultra modern spacious indoor/outdoor kennels, which are meticulously maintained and cleaned. CCK regularly ships pups throughout north America (and periodically to the EU).

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CCK’s Silver males normally run from 80-100 pounds. Silver females normally run 65-80 pounds.

If you would like to reserve a Silver pup from CCK, the deposit is $200.00. The deposit is refundable up to and until such time as your Silver pup is whelped. Deposits are not refunded if deposit holder cancels after their pup is available. Pups are released to their eligible deposit holders after 5 weeks of age on a first come first serve basis. Crist Culo Kennels does not reserve pups after selection by their owners and Crist Culo Kennels does not do “pick of the litter”. Pups may be shipped via air freight after they are 8 weeks old. Pups held for their owners after 8 weeks of age are subject to a $50/week boarding charge.





Q. Are Silver Labs like other Labs in Labrador behavioral traits?

A. This question is common, but equivalent to telling Dumb blond jokes. Aside from their Silver color, there is no difference in temperament, hunting abilities, health or other attributes between Silver Labs and any other color Lab.

Q. How are Silver Labs registered with AKC?

A. Until 1987, AKC issued registration papers which listed Silver as a Lab’s registered color on both AKC registration certificates and AKC color charts. After breeders who could not produce Silver in their bloodlines began to protest, AKC changed the Silver color to “a shade of chocolate”. Admittedly this is an almost laughable form of denial, but it is currently the established policy of AKC to register Silver Labs as chocolate.

Q. Why are some breeders so adamant there is no such thing as a Silver Lab?

A. Breeders of black and yellow Labs saw their market share fall through the floor when chocolates became popular in the Lab marketplace, and these same breeders opposed recognition of chocolates by AKC for decades. Opposition breeders claim their resentment is based on breeding ethics. However, their breeding ethics extend only as far as their pocketbooks. Aside from the presence of a genetic combination which produces Silver coats, Silver Labs have the same genetic makeup as non-Silver Labs. Some of these ethical breeders freely admit killing Silver puppies to protect the breed standards. In reality, the Silver puppies they kill have the same genetic make-up as the blacks, yellows, and chocolates they allow to survive. The only ethic these breeders are protecting is the ethical investment they have in their black and yellow bloodlines.

Q. How long have Silver Labs been around?

A. Some K-9 geneticists speculate the gray chromosome is in all K-9 species descendant from wolves. Labs were originally the product of several breeds of hunting dogs, contain a large percentage of Newfoundland breeding in their genetic background, and the production of gray Newfoundland pups is not uncommon in the Newfoundland breed.

Literature on Labradors mentions the occasional gray puppy since people first began writing about Labs. The problem was, there was never a large enough gene pool of other grays to replicate the color. With the recent large number of chocolate Labs, the Labs’ gene pool now allows the replication of Silver color genetics. Crist Culo Kennels is repeatedly contacted by Lab breeders who produce Silver pups from bloodlines in no way related to Crist Culo Kennels.

Q. Can a Silver puppy be shipped safely to my destination?

A. Crist Culo Kennels has shipped puppies coast to coast and all have arrived safely. If you are outside the U.S., you need to contact your customs office and your air freight shipping dept. to get further information about shipping a puppy to your destination.

Q. What is the controversy over Silver Labs?

A. At the end of the Twentieth Century, the frequency of Silver (gray) Labs began to increase in North America due to an increase in the number of chocolate Labs in the gene pool of Labrador Retrievers, and these Silver Labs in turn fueled an enormous controversy within the Labrador community. Fortunately, by the advent of the Twenty First Century, the controversy surrounding Silver Labs subsided except for a few remaining ignorant breeders of “old standard” colors. These remaining opponents of Silver Labs are the K-9 equivalent to the “Flat Earth Society”. Unfortunately, those ignorant holdout breeders (who refuse to acknowledge AKC’s acceptance of Silver Labs as pure bred Labrador Retrievers) continue to confuse the public by making unfounded accusations regarding the genetic purity of CCK’s Silver Labs. In an attempt to quiet the ignorant ranting of the more vocal opponents of CCK’s Silver Labs, we offered a $100,000.00 Silver Lab Challenge to any “expert” who wished to put their money where their mouth was concerning their accusations surrounding the ancestry of Silver Labs. As a surprise to no one, not one “expert” you see on the internet was willing to stand behind their “Flat Earth” accusations regarding CCK’s Silver Labs. The reticence of those “experts” speaks volumes as to who is telling the truth in the Great Silver Lab Debate.

Q. Are Silver Labs pure bred Labrador Retrievers?

A. DNA testing and mapping of CCK’s Silver Labs was done during the close of the Twentieth Century, and meticulous on site investigations of each CCK Silver Lab’s ancestry was conducted by investigators from AKC. All conclusions were the same, i.e., “there was no reason to doubt that the dogs were pure bred Labrador Retrievers” (see conclusion issued by AKC). Amazingly, the Flat Earth Opponents of Silver Labs counter these scientific conclusions with the incredibly inane accusation that the “cross-breeding” which CCK allegedly used to produce Silver Labs was either covered up by line breeding (a virtual impossibility with modern DNA tests); or happened too long ago to be detected by DNA testing (which apparently implies CCK performed this feat of magic about 500 years ago). If anyone ever needed an indication of just how ignorant opponents of Silver Labs are, their statements against verification through gene mapping should speak volumes. Every K-9 carries in its genes a complete genetic history of its ancestors going all the way back to wolves. Opponents of Silver Labs who argue they are unable to prove their ridiculous accusations through genetic research show the depth of their ignorance-and the shallowness of their credibility.

Q. Why is there such a wide variance in the price of Silver Labs?

A. Due to the incredible demand for Silver Labs, some unethical breeders have begun producing Silver Lab pups without regard to the quality and/or health of the puppies which they are producing. Some unethical Silver Lab breeders are breeding their Silver brood bitches as soon as the females reach their first heat (approx. 6 months of age) and then breeding their brood females every 6 months. These breeding ethics are prescriptions for disaster, and unfortunately CCK is repeatedly contacted by owners who have horror stories about the health problems of their Silver pup which they bought from one of these “puppy mills”. These unethical Silver Lab breeders are driven solely by greed and are doing Silver Labs (and the prospective owners of the pups they produce) a terrible injustice. If you are shopping for a Silver Lab pup, the first questions you need to ask are: “How old is the mother of this litter? (this can be certified through AKC records), and “When was the last litter this bitch produced?”

CCK maintains a strict breeding standard and only breeds CCK’s brood bitches after their second heat (approx. 2 yr. old), after the hips of both parents have been evaluated, and CCK’s brood bitches are only allowed to produce one litter/year; to do otherwise is a prescription for health problems with puppies. It is a sad reality in the world of Silver Labs that you only get what you pay for.

Q. What is the future of Silver Labs?

A. There is no doubt the increase in popularity and demand for Silver Labs is applying significant financial pressure to breeders of black and yellow Labs, but there is also little doubt AKC will eventually have to concede to the growing public pressure to make Silver a recognized color for Labs in America. Unfortunately, until that time, the Flat Earth Anti-Silver Lab faction will be able to confuse the public by spewing their slanderous and inane accusations regarding the most sought after color Labs in the world.

Q. Are there any books or novels written about Silver Labs?

A. Yes, it’s called America’s Rite and written by Dean Crist. America’s Rite is a novel about American Society and its problems and possible solutions, contains a Silver Labrador (Dudley) as a main character, and has a chapter which discusses the history and problems Silver Labradors have faced from their critics in the American dog world. If you think you might enjoy reading this novel, America’s Rite is available through, or can be obtained by asking your local book store to order a copy.

Q. My Silver Lab has a very dry coat (or periodic sensitive skin problems). What can I do to help my Silver Lab’s coat?

A. Silver Labs occasionally have sensitive skin or allergies, and these problems occur at the same frequency in Silver Labs as they occur in Chocolate Labs. It has been the experience of CCK that 90% of these skin problems are nutritionally related (lack of a diet high in crude fat) or the result of “contact allergies.” The most common culprit for the “contact allergy” problems comes from perfumed carpet cleaner or other scented “house deodorants” like scented potpourri, room deodorizers, or scented candles. The remaining 10% of problems are usually related to some kind of plant or grass allergy the dog is coming in contact with (cedar beds and cedar shavings are at the top of the list).

If you would like to try a food supplement which has had good results improving the coats of Silver Labs, you may want to click on to


Q. What does CCK do with their retired brood stock?

A. CCK periodically retires brood stock (when a bitch is over 6 yrs old) and offers the retiring dog(s) for adoption. CCK does not transfer AKC registrations with the retired dogs, and retired dogs may not be used for breeding. If a family qualifies for adopting a retiring CCK dog, the adopting family must agree to neuter the dog and pay any costs involved in shipping the retired dog to their location (unless the dog is picked up at CCK).


3 Generations of Silver Labs   Alex



CCK’s Silver Labs are pure bred Labrador Retrievers and their ancestry is beyond reproach.

Fortunately, kennel clubs around the world (who do not have the political pressure from mercenary American breeders of “normal” color Labs) already accept Silver Labs without all the political fuss and pressure being applied to AKC (the original standard for a Lab has always been “a coat of a solid color”). If a person should come upon one of the remaining “Silver Lab Hate Sites” on the internet and develops ANY doubts about Silver Labs, that person should go directly to AKC and ask the pertinent question to learn the facts.

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